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Housing Policy Task Force 

Increasing Access to Homeownership through Policy and Advocacy


First convened in 2016, The Housing Policy Task force is a group of more than 20 affordable housing advocates and professionals working to remove barriers to homeownership, expand the supply of affordable homes, and help current homeowners thrive and build wealth. 


We currently convene 2 working groups focused on addressing


Equity in Mortgage Access

Equity in Home Appraisals

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latest news

Appraisal Equity Campaign

Share Your Story! 

Many families across the South and West side of Chicago have experienced appraisal bias and discrimination resulting in significant devaluation of homes and neighborhoods.


We are collecting the stories of impacted individuals

Prevent Homeowner Displacement in Cook County 



HB 1238/SB74 allows homeowners in Cook County to pay delinquent property taxes on a payment plan and avoid the annual tax sale.


Click below to support this legislation  

Nap Guide: 
Your guide to understanding appraisals 

Know Your Rights!

What is an appraisal? How do I make sure I get a fair accurate valuation on my home?


Read our "Navigating the Appraisal Process" (NAP) guide to learn about the appraisal process, how to best prepare, recognize appraisal bias, and what to do if you receive a low valuation on your home

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